A pretty outfit and a quick update


This week I’m back with another fashion post! On this magnificent day, my friend, Chelsea and I had to make a trip to our University (University of Cape Town) for a short meeting. The monumental university turned out to be a great location for a little outfit shoot! Whilst searching for locations, I realised just how beautiful UCT really is and how much I take it for granted as I power walk form lecture to lecture.



I absolutely adore this pretty body suit from Forever New. The soft frills give it a great 1920’s look. I’ve recently started to buy more body suits as I’ve realised how useful they can be. You don’t have to worry about that annoying feeling when your top “creeps” up out of your jeans or skirts.


These have to be one of the best pair of shoes I have ever bought. I came across these beauties at a Bata store in the heart of Venice. It was love at first sight. However, it was a love-hate relationship at first, as it took a bit of walking to wear them in enough to stop getting blisters the size of my thumb! But, you can never go wrong with some tanned brogues. They go with everything and can help make an outfit look more casual or more dressy. Oh how I love a pair of versatile shoes!


2016 saw te return of the button up skirt. I was looking through some old photos the other day and saw my mum wearing a skirt very similar to the one I’m wearing when she was around my age. It’s so interesting to see trends coming back into style! This gorgeous Denim skirt is from Witchery. The fabric is great quality and fits perfectly.


These diamond shaped earrings were also a bargain from Witchery. I love how simple, yet unique they are.


My watch at just R150, was yet another bargain from Forever New. It has a real leather strap that matches shoes, even though it may not last too long.



Now for the update: I am currently on holiday after finishing my Undergraduate Degree. I majored in Media and Writing and Organisational Psychology. This year I am taking a different path. From March I will be completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. I am excited but also very nervous! There will be a lot of work, which will make it challenging to maintain my blog. However, before university starts, I have made it my goal to make  the most out of this time. I aim to improve my fitness (which I will be talking about in another blog post soon), my health (after a nasty case of glandular fever), and my mind (more about that soon). In between all of this, I plan to make some extra cash from my part time jobs and still go on some exciting adventures with my friends, to take advantage of these last summer months and this beautiful city we live in (and blog about it all!).

Until next time!





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