13510959_10154278425533126_2862425050278610610_nOh hello there!

Thank you for stumbling upon my little blogging corner.

My name is Jenna Leigh Rosmarin. I am a 21 year old student living in paradise (also known as Cape Town, South Africa). I started this blog for four main reasons:

  1. I am fascinated by the marketing industry and hope to pursue a career in it some day. Therefore, I wanted to create a blog to learn how to brand, communicate and engage. After-all, if you can’t develop your own brand, how are you supposed to develop the brand of a company?
  2. I love the city I live in, as well as the people that live around me. What better way is there to express this than creating a blog?
  3. I love to create. From filming Hannah Montana dance videos to writing little stories about lonely ghosts when I was little, my life has always involved some form of creativity. I created a blog to delve into this part of my mind and take my creativity to the next level
  4. I have a love for fashion, photography, beautiful places and FOOD.

Essentially, this blog is a place for me to grow, experience and share. From my favourite trends to my favourite things to do in Cape Town, I will be allowing you all (or just my mum and nan) to see what it’s like living as a girl who changes her mind more than her clothes. Actually wait, I change that quite a lot too…




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