Summer fun on a budget

I must admit that I am not the best at saving my money. My frequent visits to Zara and Forever New have rendered me rather incapable of diminishing my shopping addiction! So I often have to challenge myself to think of creative ways to have fun with the little money that’s left of my student budget!

Living in an extremely popular tourist destination can be expensive, especially during the busy, peak December holidays. To have a few ideas of great summer activities that won’t break the bank is always a good plan.
If you are visiting Cape Town on a budget or just looking for a few activities to do in the summer that won’t cost a fortune, I’ve listed a few ideas to help you. Each activity is based on my own personal experience and is something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing.


1. A beach day at Windmill beach 

Windmill beach, known as the ‘local’s’ beach, reached by a side road, just after the Boulders Beach turn off (A very hot tourist spot). The little tranquil beach resembles boulders except with a lot less people. However, I have noticed the beach becoming more popular lately, as this hidden treasure is spreading fast by word of mouth! (So shhhh, don’t tell anyone). If you want to be even more sneaky, find the path that leads you to the beach right next door to Windmill.



  • Pack a picnic! There is nothing better than sea, sand and sandwiches
  • Try not to go when the South Easterly wind is blowing. It will give a whole new meaning to SANDwich.
  • Bring sandals or flip-flops as there are lots of sea-urchins.
  • Bring snorkelling gear. With good visibility, the sea life is amazing!


2. Explore Kalk Bay 

The little fishing village of Kalk Bay is full of character and charm. You can rummage your way through old-fashioned, vintage stores,  as well as discover some unique, modern jewellery and some beautifully handcrafted leather products. There are many little cafes and restaurants in the village. One of my favourites is the Courtyard Cafe. You can sip one of their delicious iced coffees with beautiful ocean views.



  • Try to avoid visiting Kalk Bay during the school holidays to miss the traffic and crowded streets.
  • Take a walk along the jetty. You might come across a friendly seal!
  • End the day in Kalk Bay with some cocktails. Cape to Cuba do some great variations of a Mojito.


3.  Wine tasting

This is probably a personal favourite. Who can say no to wine? Cape Town is full of beautiful wine estates. If you have the time – take a trip out to Stellenbosch and create your own wine tour! Tastings range from about R30 to R60. However, it is best to research these before you go.

My favourite wine estates :

  1. Steenberg Vineyard (Cape Town)
  2. Jordan Wine Estate (Stellenbosch)
  3. Rust en Vrede Wine estate and Restaurant (Stellenbosch)
  4. Tokara (Stellenbosch)
  5. Eagles’ Nest (Cape Town)
  6. Constantia Glen (Cape Town)



4. Chapman’s Peak Drive 

This remarkably scenic drive will definitely not disappoint. I have driven over Chapman’s Peak many times and it never fails to amaze me. My favourite time to go is just before the sun sets. All your worries will fade away as the sea glistens and you gaze into the famous African sunset.



  • Don’t forget the wine!
  • Take a picnic. There are some great spots to stop off and enjoy a little lunch with some family or friends
  • Find out how to get to the secret cave. You have to scramble down some rocks, but its worth it!


5. Hiking

There are hundreds of spectacular hikes around Cape Town. One of my favourites is the hike to Elephant’s Eye. The name is derived from the shape of the rock formation resembling an elephants head. There is a cave right where the eye of the elephant would be. The easiest way to access the cave is the hike from Silvermine Reservoir. It’s a quick route that is also great for a trail run.






Cape Town is truly magnificent! Living here we can sometimes take all this natural beauty for granted, but the holidays are always a good time to get out and explore again.
Hope you all get the chance to experience some of the beautiful Cape which I am so fortunate to be able to call my home!


Life is so short and there is so much to see!




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