Dressing for an occasion: Wedding guest 

Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”  I couldn’t agree more.

I was so exited to be invited to a lovely wedding in a place called Gaansbai, about 2 hours outside of Cape Town.  Mainly, because it meant I had the opportunity to dress up and get creative with my outfit. Dressing for such an occasion can be quite a challenge. Whether you are male or female, it important to find something suitable and well fitted to wear. I recently found out about a great company for men called The Black Tux. This amazing online website allows you to order a premium suit or tux that is tailored to your size and then delivered for free!  You can create a profile online, and according to the particular occasion you are buying for,  the website helps you pick out the perfect suit/tux. You should definitely check it out! Hopefully they will introduce formal clothing for women too! The company sent me this great guide that could help the special men in your life when it comes to suiting up.

How To Style Your Man

My boyfriend Kyle and I used this guide guid as inspiration to choose an outfit for him. The dress code for the wedding was ‘smart/casual’. Therefore, Kyle decided to go for a classic navy suit from Markham. He added a unique element by paring the suit with a white and navy checkered shirt from Old Khaki. The mixed fabrics created a unique look that was both eye-catching and appropriate. Kyle decided to wear his brown leather brogues and belt from Tread and Miller. The brown leather complimented the the colour of the suit very well. When suiting up, make sure that your belt matches the colour of your shoes. This creates a neat, put together look. Kyle decided against wearing a tie to create a more causal look as the weather was extremely warm and he knew that there would be a lot of dancing! He accessorised his look with his gold Ray-Ban aviators and his silver and navy watch by Rotary.



I decided to wear a pretty pastel outfit for the wedding. I absolutely love the dusty rose trend in stores at the moment! I picked up this gorgeous off the shoulder body suit from Surpre. It’s one of the few off the shoulder tops I own that actually stays off my shoulders and doesn’t rise up to my neck as soon as I lift an arm! I paired the body suit with a very delicate white lace skirt from Woolworths SA. I decided to wear my rose gold necklace from Swarovski, my rose gold watch by Emporio Armani, my Nomination bracelet and my go-to silver hoops from Lovisa. I chose to wear rose and silver metals to match the rose and white colour of my outfit. As my outfit consisted of light colours, I decided to wear a nude heel that gave me a bit of extra height, but were also comfortable enough to wear for the whole night. At weddings, it is so important to wear shoes that are comfortable. You do not want to be one of those girls who won’t get up and dance because her “feet hurt”. If you really want to wear your four inch Steve Maddens, make sure to pack in some pretty little flats just incase they become unbearable.



The wedding was a great success and was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was right in the middle of an enchanting forrest, like a scene out of a fairy tale. The reception was also exquisite. The room was filled with fairy lights which created such a festive atmosphere. There was even an incredible cartoonist who painted portraits of all the guests. The painting of Kyle and I gave us a good laugh!  Here are a few more pictures from the evening.


I absolutely love going to weddings! What kind of outfit would you and/or your plus one wear to such an occasion?





9 Replies to “Dressing for an occasion: Wedding guest ”

  1. What a gorgeous top – out of interest what bra do you recommend when wearing an off-the-shoulder top? You both look picture-perfect, happy and stylish. And well done for getting your man to model his look too 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Corinne! Missing you all! Generally I just wear a strapless bra. Although, I find them very uncomfortable! I’ve discovered disposable nipple stickers recently. They sound a bit strange but they they work really well! xxx

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