How to get up and get motivated

We all have those days when binge watching series in bed seems a lot more appealing than getting up and getting on with the day. Being on a very long university holiday has led me to experience this dilemma one too many times. Although it may be VERY tempting at the time, we all know that at the end of the day you will feel much more accomplished  having known that you met your work goal, had a good gym session, or wrote a new blog post, compared to knowing that you just binge watched 10 episodes of The Office and scrolled to the bottom of your Instagram feed. Now don’t get me wrong, everybody needs a day or two to lie in bed and do nothing. We’re only human. However, on the odd day that you’re looking for a little motivation, take a look at these few points below of what I do to ensure I don’t waste my day.

  1. Make your bed

It may seem insignificant, but do not underestimate how useful this tip can be. Not only is it satisfying to climb into a neatly made bed in the evening, it immediately makes your morning much more productive and helps you to feel ready to start the day. It also makes you less tempted to crawl right back into bed…  Get some cute decretive pillows or a soft throw to toss on top of your bed to make you feel more motivated to get the job done.


How gorgeous is this bed? Looking through Pinterest always motivates me to put effort into my room to make it look neat and tidy.


2. Put effort into your breakfast

A lot of my friends and family know that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I find that making myself a delicious, nutritious breakfast always sets me up for a morning. Food generally puts a smile on my face. However, there is something about a pretty smoothie bowl that says “you’re going to have a great day!”  Take the time to make your breakfast look nice and go grab a seat in a sunny spot outside or by a window. A breakfast like this will be something you can look forward to waking up for.

IMG_1050.jpgIMG_2583.jpgThese are my two favourite breakfasts to make in the morning! A blueberry/strawberry smoothie bowl or some protein pancakes with some fresh mango. They are both super quick and easy to make.


3. Make a list

No one wants to leave a to do list unticked. Before you go to sleep at night, make a note of the things you have to do the following day. I usually just use the reminders app on my iPhone. You can make a number of different lists and set alarms to remind yourself about them. I make lists for absolutely everything these days. It helps me feel in control and at ease. Making a list will also stop your brain from wandering at 1 a.m. because you don’t have to worry about forgetting what you need to do the next day.


4. Try to do some exercise in the morning

Whilst I’ve been on holiday, I made an effort to get to gym in the morning. I found that being active in the morning (although it feels really hard at first) helped me to feel energetic and optimistic about the rest of the day. It gave me a mentality of “you’ve come this far, you may as well make the rest of the day count!” After every gym session I felt proud that I had already accomplished a day’s goal. Signing up for classes at the gym also really helped. So often I would tell myself “I’ll go in ten minutes.” However, those ten minutes soon turned into 20 and before I knew it, I hopped right back into bed. Classes will push you to get up at a certain time and get your day started early so that there is no excuse!


5. Pump some tunes!

There are studies that have proven music has an impact on peoples’ emotional state. No one really knows why. However, use it to your advantage. Make a playlist of songs that really get you motivated and happy. Play it every morning! I usually have to wake up very early to get to university. So, I had to find a way to put myself in a positive mood and overcome my zombie-like state. I found that playing music in the morning as I got ready had a huge impact on my frame of mind for the rest of the day. You should definitely give it a try!



6. Make the choice yourself.

This is the most complicated tip. However, once you learn how to choose the way  you are going to feel that day, nothing can stop you (Not even you new soft bed sheets). It is very possible to wake up and tell yourself that you are going to have a good, productive day. It may seem crazy and a little bit stupid at the time, but you are in complete control of how you feel and how you respond to certain situations. Sure, maybe you poured sour milk onto your cereal, maybe you just bumped your head on the cupboard or maybe you even had a massive fight with your significant other the night before. You have the power to turn it around and choose to make the day a good one. No matter what happens, in life, there will always be ups and downs. However, you can’t let it defeat you. You need to get out of bed and you need to live every moment.



6 Replies to “How to get up and get motivated”

  1. I agree with all the points on your list! Healthy breakfast, a bit of a stretching or some workout… all that is adding up to start your day ina good way and with positive vibes! Very inspiring! ❤


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